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  • Law 22/1973 of July 21 Mine.
  • Royal Decree 863/1985 of 2 April, which approves the General Regulation of Mine Safety Basic Standards.
  • Law 21/1992, Adopted on July 16. By the Ministry of Industry.
  • Royal Decree 39/1997, January 17, adopting Regulation for Prevention´s Services Companies.
  • Law 31/1995 of 8 November on Prevention of Occupational Risks.
  • Royal Decree 1389/1997, of 5 September, by adopting the minimum requirements for protecting the safety and health of workers in mining.
  • Order ITC/101/2006, of January 23, Regulations concerning minimum content and structure of Document of Health and Safety in mining industry.
  • Order ITC/1316/2008. ITC 02.1.02. Preventive Formation for the performance of workplaces.
  • Order ITC/1607/2009 adopting the Complementary Technical Instruction 02.2.01 “Put into service, maintenance and reparation of working equipment” (RD 863/1985 of April, 2).
  • Generics:

  • Diseases. Indemnification. ILO Convention 42. Adopted on June 21, 1934.
  • Machinery. Protection. ILO Convention 119. Adopted on June 25, 1963.
  • Cargo can be transported by a worker. Maximum weight. ILO Convention 127. Adopted on June 28, 1967
  • 148 of the ILO Convention on the protection of workers against occupational hazards due to air pollution, noise and vibration in the workplace. Adopted on June 20, 1977.
  • Royal Decree 1995/1978 of 12 May by approving the schedule of occupational diseases in the social security system.
  • Royal Decree 1244/1979, of 4 April 1979 approving the Regulation of Pressure Equipment.
  • ILO Convention 155 on safety and health of workers. Adopted on June 22, 1981.
  • Royal Decree 2584/1981, of September 18, 1981, by approving the General Rules of the actions of the Ministry of Industry and Energy in the field of standardization and certification.
  • Order of 16 May 1994 amending the transitional period established by Royal Decree 1407/1992 of 20 November, regulating the conditions for intra-EU trade and free movement of personal protective equipment.
  • Royal Decree 2200/1995 of 28 December 1995 approving the Regulation of Infrastructure for Quality and Industrial Safety, which complements the Royal Decree 2584/1981 of 18 September 1981.
  • Royal Decree 2370/1996 of 18 November, which approves the Complementary Technical Instructions MIE-AEM-4 of the Rules of Lifting Equipment and Maintenance, concerning self-propelled mobile cranes used.
  • Royal Decree 485/1997 of 14 April on minimum requirements concerning health and safety signs at work.
  • Royal Decree 486/1997 of 14 April, laying down minimum safety and health in workplaces.
  • Royal Decree 487/1997 of 14 April concerning minimum safety and health relating to manual handling of loads entailing risks, particularly of back injury to workers.
  • Royal Decree 488/1997 of 14 April concerning minimum safety and health requirements for work with computers that display screen.
  • Royal Decree 665/1997 of 12 May on the protection of serious involving hazardous substances workers from risks related to exposure to carcinogens at work.
  • Royal Decree 773/1997 of 30 May on minimum safety and health concerning the use by workers of personal protective equipment.
  • Royal Decree 952/1997 of 20 June, by amending the Regulations for the Implementation of Law 20/1986 (Repealed by Act 10/1998), from May 14, Basic Toxic and Hazardous Waste, approved by Royal Decree 833/1988 of 20 July.
  • Royal Decree 1215/1997 of 18 July, laying down minimum safety and health for use by workers of the teams.
  • Resolution of 29 July 1997 establishing for the cylinders manufactured in accordance with Directives 84/525/EEC, 84/526/EEC and 84/527/EEC, the procedure for verifying additional requirements set out in ITC MIE-AP7 of Pressure Equipment Regulations.
  • Order of March 10, 1998 by amending the ITC MIE-AP5 concerning fire extinguishers annexed to this Order; also become mandatory UNE 62 080 and 62 081, relating to the calculation, construction and reception bottles or seamless steel for compressed, liquefied or dissolved, which complements the Royal Decree 1244/1979, of 4 April. Pressure Equipment Regulations.
  • Royal Decree 1254/1999 of 16 July, approving the control measures of the inherent risks of accidents.
  • Royal Decree 374/2001 of 6 April on the protection of health and safety of workers from risks related to chemical agents at work.
  • Royal Decree 379/2001 of 6 April, which approves the Regulation of storage of chemicals and instructions for additional technical-MIE APQ-1, MIE-APQ-2-MIE APQ-3-MIE APQ-4, MIEAPQ-5, MIE-MIE APQ-6-APQ-7.
  • Royal Decree 614/2001, of June 8, of minimum rulings for the protection of health and safety or workers against electric hazards.
  • Royal Decree 1073/2002, of 18 October on the evaluation and management of air quality in relation to sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, lead, benzene and carbon monoxide.
  • Royal Decree 1801/2003 of 26 December on general product safety.
  • Royal Decree 1196/2003, of 19 September, by adopting the basic guideline for civil protection and planning to control the risk of major accidents involving dangerous substances.
  • Royal Decree 836/2003 of 27 June by approving a new supplementary technical instruction "MIE-AEM-2 of the Rules of Lifting and handling equipment, referring to tower cranes for construction or other applications.
  • Royal Decree 837/2003 of 27 June, approving the new amended and consolidated text of the supplementary technical instruction "MIE-AEM-4 of the Rules of Lifting and handling equipment, concerning self-propelled mobile cranes.
  • Royal Decree 1311/2005, of November, 4, concerning protection of health and safety of workers against exposure to mechanical vibrations.
  • Royal Decree 286/2006, of March, 10, concerning protection of health and safety of workers against exposure to noise.
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